Is Doggy Daycare Right for You?

Leaving behind our furry friends every morning can be heart breaking, especially when dogs are left in an empty house while we’re busy working the long hours it takes to buy them their beloved Milk Bones! So it is no surprise that over the last decade or so, doggy daycare facilities have become increasingly popular among pet parents everywhere. The Willow Pet Hotel in Deer Park is one such facility that will provide your dog with all the pampering and play he’s missing when home alone all day. But, how do you know if it’s the right choice for your pooch?

1. Is your dog’s behavior bad to the bone?

Some dogs are perfectly content to lay in your favorite recliner all day while you’re working. However, single pet households with social dogs may find that being along 10-12 hours at a time can lead to some serious behavioral issues. If you come home to a dog that has had “accidents” throughout the day, or chewed through yet another pair of your gym sneakers, he might be a good candidate for Doggie Daycare.

2. Check out the digs.

When choosing a facility, it is important to think like a dog. If you were Fido, would you want to spend the day there? Are the facilities well maintained and safe looking? Is there space for dogs to play indoors and outdoors? Are dogs separated into appropriate playgroups? A good doggie daycare will provide lots of space for dogs, have somewhere for dogs to go outside for playtime and to relieve themselves, and will separate dogs into playgroups based on their personalities. Ask if rest time is given as well. Extended play without rest could lead to volatile behavior.

3. Meet the Team.

Just like you wouldn’t leave a baby with someone you hadn’t met, it’s important to meet the people who will be responsible for your dog all day. Meet with trainers and other staff before you choose a daycare. Look for a staff that is experienced and well trained as well as caring and affectionate. Make sure they are willing and able to make accommodations for your dog’s specific needs, such as dietary restrictions. If you are not sure if your pup is a group play dog, bring him/her to Willow Pet Hotel for a temperament test and maybe a half day try out to see how he/she does.

4. Be Realistic

Once you have chosen a wonderful daycare facility for your pooch, it can still be hard to let go. However, if you have done your homework, trust that the staff really does have your pet’s best interests at heart. Doggy Daycare can be a wonderful experience for both you and your pet. It is important to remember that after a day of romping around with other animals, your dog might be particularly exhausted or even have a few bumps and bruises. However, as long as he or she seems content, it is nothing to worry about. In fact, your pet would probably much rather experience a day of exuberant play than stay cooped up at home all alone.

For pet parents in the Deer Park area, the Willow Pet Hotel offers all of the amenities above and it is a great choice for most dogs. Cindy, our head trainer is a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Behaviorist with over 25 years experience. She knows exactly how to design your pet’s day to keep him/her happy, healthy and stimulated when you can’t be there. If you think Doggie Daycare might be the right option for you and your furry friend, visit the Willow Pet Hotel online at or give the friendly staff a call at 1-800-713-0283.