Every Dog Will Have His Day

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And then sometimes bad things happen to good pets. Shadow, a 6 year old mastiff mix was abandoned at Willow Pet Hotel after their owner was arrested April 1st.

His owner, Brittany Ozarowski of Medford, Long Island tricked others into thinking she had cancer and used the money raised for her chemotherapy treatment on a heroin addiction instead. She solicited money from strangers by placing donation jars in businesses, harangued charity organizations, and even tricked her own family into donating to her ‘cause’. The scam went on for two years before the kind-hearted charities became suspicious when Ozarowski continuously refused rides to the doctor and failed to lose any of her hair from radiation treatments. She has been charged with grand larceny and her court date is pending.

Miss Ozarowski may have made a lot of mistakes recently, but Shadow isn’t one of them. He was certainly raised as a gentle giant. He is still energetic and completely lovable in spite of his age. He loves to relax and quietly lounge around, making him an ideal pet. The second you see Shadow’s sweet, brown eyes you’ll immediately love him!

Now that his owner is in the Dog House, for the past 22 days that he’s been with Willow Pet Hotel, Shadow has been treated as nothing less than family. Though Willow Pet Hotel isn’t an adoptiion agency, they have been searching everywhere to find a new, loving home for him. They even went so far as appearing on News 12 Long Island’s Dog Day Fridays in order to spread awareness about this poor pooch.

If you are interested in adopting Shadow, please contact

Willow Pet Hotel at 1-800-713-0283

Is Your Cat a Four-Legged GPS?

Earlier this year, America fell in love with Holly, a Florida cat who lived a real-life version of the movie Homeward Bound. The 4-year-old tortoiseshell cat was separated from her owners while vacationing in an RV park near Daytona Beach. After a few days of searching for the missing feline, making posters, and canvassing the area, her owners were forced to give up and return home to their West Palm Beach home nearly 400 miles away. Holly’s owners, devastated, nonetheless assumed this would be the end of the story, until almost six weeks later when they received a call from a vet that Holly (who had a microchip implant) had been found—about a mile from the family’s home!

Holly was skinny, her nails were dull and her paws were bleeding; but, after a little TLC from the family who found her and the veterinary team who contacted her family, she was as good as new. Experts still aren’t sure how she and other cats like her navigate long, treacherous journeys home. Still, there have been many reports of domesticated indoor cats finding their way home after getting lost hundreds of miles away in foreign locations. Scientists have many different theories: they might rely on sights and smell to determine direction, or they might be able to sense magnetic fields like other animals, such as wolves. Or cats like Holly might simply be smarter and scrappier than their furry peers. The truth is, there is a lot that animal behaviorists still don’t understand about our quixotic housecat friends, but incidents such as this are good reminders of how complex and resourceful our pets can be!

If you have a cat or dog, whether they are indoor or outdoor pets, it is probably best not to rely on them to find their own way home if they ever end up 400 miles away! Microchips, such as the one Holly’s owners got for her, can be painlessly implanted under the skin and then read by vets and other professionals in the event that your pet ever goes missing. And if you would like to vacation without worrying whether your cat or dog will wander off, why not send them off on a vacation of their own? The Willow Pet Hotel will pamper your pets while you’re away! Visit them online at www.willowpethotel.com.