Is Your Dog Afraid of Fireworks?

Exploding fireworks can be an exciting and awe-inspiring sight for us humans, but when there are loud, unpredictable sounds, and flashes of light cutting through the sky, chances are your dog will start panting, drooling, pacing, whining, or trying to escape. Why is this their reaction to something we find so exciting? Dogs have very sensitive ears which can hear high frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans. So it comes as no surprise that their hearing sensitivity can cause sheer panic.

 As loving pet owners, we want the best for our four-legged family members, so what are some ways we can help our dogs cope with celebrations on July 4th? Cesar Milan, dog whisperer, gives some tips on how to keep your pooch calm:

  1. Take your dog on a long walk: If you spend 30 minutes a day walking your dog, take a two hour hike instead, to exhaust your dog so they won’t concentrate on the fireworks, but sleep instead.
  2.  Distract your dog: ask your dog to do obedience behavior when the fireworks start. You can also put him on a treadmill or attach a backpack to his back.
  3.  Keep assertive and calm energy: Don’t feel sorry or frustrated because your dog will not get out from under the bed. They will feel the negative emotions, and this will only make a dog more fearful.
  4. Pre-conditioning: For the best results, Cesar also recommends conditioning your dog about three months ahead of time so they can get used to the unfamiliar sounds. You can do this by downloading sounds of fireworks and playing them at a low volume at first, then gradually raising the volume during daily activities such as eating, walking, and sleeping.

 Now of course this is great advice, but there are situations where we might not have the time to individually prepare our dogs for human celebrations. Since we still want the best for our furry family members, we come to a crossroads.

Willow Pet Hotel is the answer for you. We offer a climate-controlled environment, in a soundproof building with calming music to help distract your dog from while the bombardment of noise is going on outside. Our warm and friendly pet care staff ensures that your dog will leave happier, healthier and stress-free, anytime, especially during your July 4th celebrations. Leaving them with us will provide you with comfort as well. You will have assurance that they are safe and most likely enjoying delicious treats, rather than hiding away from the unfamiliar sounds, allowing you to enjoy Independence Day the way you wish.

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