Trick Or Treat


Halloween is a great time for tricks and treats for you and for your pet.  While chocolate and candy is an obvious no go, here are some great fall treats dogs love!

Apples:  Apples contain vitamins A and C. Add apples to your pet’s diet for a healthy kick to their favorite food. It will also give them an extra juicy crunch they will love. Make sure you don’t let them eat the core. Apple seeds contain cyanide.

Pumpkin: It’s not just for decorating and dessert; it is loaded with natural fiber and moisture, while low in calories. The fiber in pumpkin may be helpful in keeping your pet’s digestive tract in good working order.

Turkey: This meat is often featured in holiday meals. Families can include furry members in this tradition while still ensuring their diet is balanced and pet-appropriate by offering pet foods incorporating turkey as an excellent source of lean protein.

Green Beans: This side dish is high in antioxidants and fiber, among other benefits.