Baby, It’s Cold Outside




As temperatures begin to drop it is time to start thinking about how to keep our furry friends safe and warm.

If You’re Cold, They’re Cold!

Keep your pets indoors on cold days. Make sure they have access to warm, dry shelter during the day.

Keep the Water Bowl Full and Let the Kibble flow Like Wine

Make sure there is fresh, non frozen water for your pets. It is common for pets to want to eat more during the winter to keep that layer of fat.

Dress for the season.

Shorthaired and small dogs can get cold very quickly. Keep them warm with a high neck sweater that covers their belly. Rock salt used to melt ice can cut up your pet’s paws. Booties can help prevent this from happening.

Don’t leave them in the car!

In the winter, the car can become a refrigerator, causing your pet to freeze to death.

Let it Grow!

Never shave your dog down to the skin in the winter — his coat will provide warmth. And if your dog needs a bath, dry him off completely before taking him outside on a walk.

Want to Enjoy the Winter Wonderland?

Don’t let your dog off leash. Dogs can lose their scent easily and become lost in the snow. Don’t forget to make sure your pet wears an ID tag and has a microchip with up to date info

Be cautious when you start your car.

The warm engines of parked cars are a magnet for outdoor cats and critters. Check the wheel wells and give your hood a few hard knocks to make sure whatever is in there has a chance to get out. Cats have been killed by fan belts and engine parts.